History of the Society (and Polar Buffs group)

Paul Davies has written a brief history of the Society for the 'Nimrod Journal' (2023) produced by the Shackleton Autumn School
The article can be seen here.

DCPS celebrates its 10th birthday!

Birthday Cake
Birthday Party

At the Spring meeting on 22 March members celebrated the Society's 10th birthday with a gift of champagne and a fine cake baked by Tony Rose and decorated by his partner Lou with a map of Antarctica. We also enjoyed a great short film of the Society's activities over the last 10 years. The film is about 12 mins long and was put together by Tim Burr.

List of main Meetings and Events

Mar 2002

Dr David Wilson lecture at The Plymouth City Museum on the "Discovery" Expedition

6 Jun 2004

Opening of Heritage Park at Scott Memorial, Mount Wise

10 Sept 2004

Talk by Dr David Wilson at Barratt Home's Explorer Court, site of Outlands on Captain Scott

22 Sept 2005

First meeting of Polar Buffs, New Country Inn, Ivybridge. Convened by Paul Davies, Mike Tarver "SS Terra Nova"

23 Mar 2006

Broke Evans "The Terra Nova Expedition" with his father's magic lantern slides

Broke EvansBroke Evans at Polar Buffs meeting March 2006

19 May 2006

Aiden Dooly as Tom Crean, Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth

5 Oct 2006

Tony Soper "Travels in Antarctica"

Oct 2006

Letter to MPs re preserving the Historic Huts

22 Mar 2007

Bob Burton "Shackleton and Antarctica"

6 Aug 2007

Celebration of the Farewell Meal for Nimrod Expedition at the Torbay Hotel, Torquay

Departure of NimrodThe centenary of the departure of Nimrod from Torquay 2007

17 Oct 2007

Sharing our experiences and interests by members

19 Mar 2008

Michael Smith "Captain Oates"

19 Mar 2008

Devon and Cornwall Polar Society formed - Denis Wilkins elected Chairman

6 Jun 2008

Scott's 140th birthday Lecture, tour and celebration dinner, Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club

22 Oct 2008

John Killingbeck "Antarctic Huskies"

19 Mar 2009

Ann Shirley Savours "The North West Passage" and AGM

Ann SavoursAnn Savours at Scott Dinner 2008

21 October 2009

Isobel Williams "Dr Edward Wilson"

24 Mar 2010

Rachel Andrews "Trekking to the South Pole" and AGM

22 Oct 2010

Antonia Reynolds "Surgeon Atkinson"

24 Mar 2011

Andrew Bellars "Vet work in Antarctica" at Outlands and AGM

4/5/6 Jun 2011

SCOTT 100 conference with Plymouth University and dinner at HMS Drake

20 Oct 2011

Simon Courtauld "Watkins Boys"

22 Mar 2012

Angie Butler "The Quest for Frank Wild" and AGM, Denis Wilkins made President of Society, Paul Davies elected Chairman

23 Mar 2012

Rededication of the National Scott Memorial Mount Wise by HRH Princess Royal and reception at Admiralty House

20 Oct 2012

Isobel Williams "Petty Officer Edgar Evans"

21 Mar 2013

Dr Adrian Fox "Mapping Antarctica" and AGM Decision to support purchase of Scott's Christening Cup

6 Jun 2013

Society Birthday dinner for Captain Scott

2013 Dinner2013 Society dinner on Scott's birthday

23 Oct 2013

"Recent expeditions South" John and Val Thorne
and Julie Ellis

20 Mar 2014

Denis Wilkins and Henry Guly 'Medicine in the Antarctic'

6-8 Aug 2014

Shackleton 100 events to commemorate the centenary of the start of Shackleton's ITAE at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel and Millbay

Group PhotoGroup photograph 7 August 2014

16 Oct 2014

Tim Jarvis 'Shackleton's EPIC expedition'

25 Mar 2015

John Dudeney on William Spiers Bruce 'the 1902-4 Scottish National Antarctic Expedition'

6 Jun 2015

Scott's birthday dinner at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth

15 Oct 2015

Recent Voyages South: Paul Davies and Tim Burr, Shackleton Centenary Expedition Denis Wilkins FIDS reunion expedition

24 Mar 2016

Alexandra Shackleton 'My Grandfather the Man and Explorer' and AGM

30 Jun 2016

Visit to the University Marine Centre. Talk by Matt Brown on training students in diving and his role as base commander in the building of Halley VI

20 Oct 2016

Tony Soper Q&A session on Working in the BBC Natural History Unit and cruising in the Polar regions

28-31 Oct 2016

Society visit to Shackleton Autumn School Athy, Ireland

23 Mar 2017

Brad Borkan on Extreme Decision in the Antarctic and AGM

19 Oct 2017

Ken Blaiklock and the BP film of the TAE

22 March 2018

10th Anniversary of the Society celebrations; AGM and film by award-winning photographer Chris Marsden about the emperor penguins at Snow Hill

25 October 2018

James Killingbeck 'Sailing on Thin Ice : research in NW Greenland'

21 March 2019

'William Bruce' by John Dudeney and Isobel Williams

19 October 2019

Joint meeting with South Georgia Association which included a visit to the Scott sites, talks by speakers from the MBA and BASMU, Anne Strathie and Barry Gray plus an art and photography exhibition. Sponsored by Arcturus Adventures

Historic sailing ship the PhoenixHistoric sailing ship the Phoenix (provided by Square Sail) sailing out of Millbay exactly one hundred years after Endurance
Unveiling plaque to commemorate the centenary of the sailing of EnduranceUnveiling the plaque to commemorate the centenary of the sailing of Endurance watched by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Paul Davies and the President of the DCPS Denis Wilkins

24 September 2021

QUEST 100: day event to commemorate the departure of Shackleton’s Last Expedition

Quest blue plaque now located at Millbay Quay, PlymouthQuest blue plaque now located at Millbay Quay, Plymouth
Katherine MacInnes at 2023 Scott LunchKatherine MacInnes at 2023 Scott Lunch

24 March 2022

AGM and talk by Michael Smith on Captain Crozier

16 September 2022

On the centenary of the return of Shackleton's ship 'Quest' to Plymouth, talk by Jan Chojecki about the legacy of the expedition and its various links with Plymouth.

9 March 2023

Mensun Bound talk on Finding Endurance at Plymouth University; in conjunction with RGS(SW)

23 March 2023

AGM and talk by Chris Spencer on filming the Central TV Series ‘The Last Place on Earth’ about the race to the South Pole

6 June 2023

Scott Lunch at St Elizabeth House., Plympton on Captain Scott’s 155th birthday, with a talk by Katherine MacInnes about her book ‘Snow Widows’

5 October 2023

Andrew Simkins talk on the Joint Forces Expedition to South Georgia in early 1970s

28 October 2023

AMUNDSEN DAY at Plymouth University sponsored by Hurtigruten Expeditions with speakers Anders Bache, Geir Kløver, Astrid Furholt and Kevin Kenny.
A newspaper article report of the day can be seen in the ARCHIVE section of this website

21 March 2023

AGM and Anne Strathie Talk on Herbert Ponting