Tim Jarvis gave an illustrated talk on Thursday 16th October about his recent expedition. He was the leader of the Shackleton EPIC expedition to sail a replica of the James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia, and then cross the South Georgia mountains in Sir Ernest's footsteps; and all using period kit and supplies of the time!

Where is the plaque?
The plaque that Hon Alexandra Shackleton unveiled on Clyde Quay on 8 August was not in its permanent position. In the coming years Clyde Quay is to be developed and whilst the building work is going on the plaque has been removed for safe keeping. It is intended that it may eventually be mounted on one of the buildings erected there, and one idea is that it may feature in some kind of arrival centre for cruise passengers visiting Plymouth. In the meantime, it will be stored at Plymouth City Museum, where it will, on occasions, be displayed.
A wonderful time was had by all those attending the recent Shackleton event.
Group photograph 7 August 2014
Rob Small ( Fire and Ice Expedition) Alexandra Shackleton and Sir Ernest
Paul Davies and Alexandra Shackleton alongside the replica of the James Caird, used in the Shackleton EPIC expedition, at Millbay Plymouth Historic sailing ship the Phoenix (provided by Square Sail) sailing out of Millbay exactly one hundred years after Endurance
Gathering of the descendants of the crews of Endurance and Aurora including descendants of Rickinson, Kerr, Shackleton, Hooke, Mackintosh, Greenstreet and Wordie. The plaque is in a temporary location at their feet on the quay
Unveiling the plaque to commemorate the centenary of the sailing of Endurance watched by the Deputy Lord Mayor, Paul Davies and the President of the DCPS Denis Wilkins